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Pollution Control Equipment

Proper ventilation is considered to be an important aspect in any plant, facility or working environment. It is directly related to the health and safety of the employees working there. When you are in need of pollution control equipment, come to Envirotech APC. We design, engineer and install the equipment based on your specifications. All of our equipment is NFPA compliant. Please contact us to learn more.

Our Pollution Control Equipment

Our pollution control equipment includes the following:

  • Cartridge Dust Collectors

  • Scrubbers

  • Wet Dust Collectors

  • Turbines

  • Centrifugal Mist Collectors

  • Modular Media Filters

  • Industrial Fans and Blowers

  • Micro Capture Systems

  • Capture Arms

Our Brands/Suppliers:

One-Stop Shop for All Your Industrial Ventilation Needs!

We offer a wide variety of pollution control equipment ranging from scrubbers to wet dust collectors.

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