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Comprehensive Industrial Vacuum Cleaning Systems

Portable • Continuous-Duty • Central Systems

VAC-U-MAX is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of industrial vacuum cleaners for a wide variety of materials. The product range includes ATEX-certified portable combustible dust vacuum cleaners, continuous-duty vacuum cleaners for high volume recovery of up to 5 tons per hour, and custom central vacuum cleaning systems for 24/7 dust control, collection, and reclaim.

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Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

VAC-U-MAX is a premier manufacturer of industrial vacuum cleaners for manufacturing and municipal facilities, government installations and environmental sites. VAC-U-MAX heavy-duty industrial vacuums improve your facility's cleanliness, improve working conditions and safety for your employees, reduce downtime of valuable production equipment, enhance your quality control efforts, and recycle material previously considered as waste.

Wet and dry applications include housekeeping of dust on floors, walls, and machine surfaces, bulk powder spill recovery, liquid spill cleanup, sump cleaning and tank emptying, and process clean-out. Custom-engineered vacuum cleaning systems are also available.

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